St Patrick’s

edmodo logoFor our Living Schools Lab project we have decided to roll out Edmodo across our school. Our initial plan was to get up and running in a small number of classrooms before Christmas and then extend the roll out to all classes in the New Year. This roll out will be overseen by our ELearning team.

We had our first staff meeting of the year last week, and as part of the meeting I was asked to give a short, 30 minute, presentation on Edmodo and it’s practical use in the classroom. This was received very enthusiastically by all staff members and as a result we now have sixteen teachers signed up and planning to use Edmodo. This was a lot more than I had initially hoped for but think reflects the usefulness/ease of use of Edmodo as a teaching/learning tool.

From here we would wish to encourage those signed up teachers to move to using Edmodo in their daily practice. The first step of which will be sending home letters to inform parents in the participating classrooms of what we are doing.  Our progress in this will be monitored by our ELearning team at our regular meetings.


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  1. hublinkie says:

    Came across this lesson plan and printable PDF for primary classrooms by Edmodo and CommonSense Media
    It looks a nice way to introduce some Edmodo ground rules and teach some digital literacy life skills at the same time. Good luck with your trial!

  2. Sarah-Jayne Carey says:

    Got this link form LSL- it’s a project on Nano Technology with Lesson Plans and Equipment provided. Might be of interest to your school.

  3. Happy New Year everyone,
    We have started the new year by continuing with our implementation of Edmodo across the school. The reaction of both teachers and students has been very positive. Teachers use it in a variety of ways. We use it create quizzes, assignments , to post homework, to facilitate student/teacher communication, to embed and comment on videos from YouTube etc.

    One of the more surprising uses, certainly to me, was the enthusiasm some teachers have shown for using the Edmodo app store. In recent months Edmodo have allowed access to schools outside the US to all free apps in their app store. (There are currently licencing issues with paid apps.) and we have used apps ranging from NoRedInk, which creates personalized English grammar quizzes, to flash based lessons on the Human Respiratory System!

    Over the next couple of months we hope to have a couple of more hours CPD on Edmodo, to iron out any problems teachers might be experiencing and to make them aware of all the uses to which Edmodo can be put. We hope to encourage as much parental involvement as possible by encouraging parents to create their own accounts linked to their child’s account.

  4. anualmm says:

    End of Year Targets.
    Our roll out of Edmodo as a VLE has been going very well with all of our mainstream classes up and running. We have set ourselves two main targets for the rest of the year and they are as follows.
    1. To encourage more use of Edmodo in our resource and learning support classes.
    2. To encourage far more parental involvement with Edmodo in the coming year.

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