De La Salle College


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  1. Kieran Carey says:

    For our school project I have decided to introduce Edmodo into the school. For the first year I have decided to limit the introduction to a few teachers. The reason I am doing this is as follows. We tried to introduce moodle to the school on a whole school approach. Teachers encountered problems and after a short time they stopped using in.
    I set up an edmodo team to let them use it in their class, give feedback on any issues and try to get all issues sorted before rolling it out to the whole school. I did have a setback at the start as one of the main teachers in the team left the school which was a blow to the team.
    On the plus side since I have set up the team I have got a lot of teachers asking questions about Edmodo. From a starting off team of four teachers, there is now ten teachers signed up to use Edmodo in the school.
    The feedback from the staff has been very positive and we have no real issues yet. The students have also taken to the system. I have used it to upload notes, set homework and lately I have told students to post any questions on homework, this is popular with the students.
    I regularly ask for updates from staff on how edmodo is working for them. I hope to set the teachers a questionnaire on the system before Christmas.
    I hope that with the positive feedback from staff more teachers will join up.
    I have received excellent advice from Sarah-Jane and last months webcam was a big help about edmodo. So a big thanks to Sarah Jane for that.

  2. Sarah-Jayne Carey says:

    HI Kieran,
    glad to hear Edmodo working well. Got this link from LSL and thought maybe some of your Science teachers might be interested. Short Notice I know.

  3. Kieran Carey says:

    Hi all happy new year.
    Here is just a quick update on how ICT is running in the school. Edmodo is becoming more popular in the school as the months go by. The small group that started off the project is trying to promote it with all teachers. Teachers are seeing that it is a useful tool for all aspects of teaching. Some are using it as a means for setting assignments, others for giving homework and replying to homework problems. I use it in the computer room for students to send me their work so I can grade it.
    I think that next year when we try and roll it out to the whole school there will be a big up take as most teachers and now students know about it. By starting off with the small group we eliminated any start up issues, so this will not be an issue for the other teachers.
    We have also introduced dropbox to the different departments in the school. Here we have set up shared folders for each department and now teachers have started to pool resources. This is proving popular with teachers.
    I feel that the use of ICT in the school is increasing week on week and its great to see all teachers getting involved in it.

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