Introducing Edmodo (or any VLE) to my students?

8 easy stepsSo, How to introduce Edmodo to your school in 8 easy steps proves to be very popular with readers but we’ve been asked what’s the best way to introduce a VLE to students?

Play to its strengths is what we suggest.  Let the virtual learning platform entice your students into learning and communicating in one easy step.  How?

  • Embed a video, related to a topic you are currently studying, and ask students to watch and then post a comment.

Soon you will be able to show them how to attach a file or photo to their posts.  Then, as they begin to comment on one another’s work they can be given ‘The 2 stars and 1 wish’ commenting method.  This good netiquette habit will encourage them to make two positive comments, e.g. “I liked how your article …..” before, if necessary, making a critical comment, e.g. “I wish you had …. “.

Digital Literacy Teaching Tips
Encourage your students to edit their own work before posting and to check spelling and grammar.  Now that they have an audience this should soon become second nature to them!

Help them to cite their sources, show them how to create a bibliography.  This FactMonster article and free Easybib tool for older students will help.   Easybib helps credit photos, online videos, blogs, as well as the tried and trusted book.

Acknowledging copyright of any photo, video or file they’ve attached or uploaded is important.  How about helping them gather a list of creatve commons websites to use to make it easier to credit the creator?  Why not have them apply creative commons licences to their own work to show them how copyright works in the digital age?

As they develop their skills and post and share their work they’ll become more aware of having to ‘fact check’ their own articles.  Publishing to a VLE will prepare them for the wider internet.  Being able to validate their own articles and arguments will help them look for bias or unsubstantiated claims or arguments whenever they are online.

Want some more Edmodo suggestions?  For 20 more ideas on how to use Edmodo take a look at this slideshare.

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