Connected Classrooms

The today carries an inspiring news item for anyone interested in the integration of ICT into education.  The article tells of how through the “Connected Classroom” project four students in Warrenmount Presentation School participated in Maria Broderick’s higher-level maths classes in Coláiste Bríde 10 kms away through a video link-up.

One of the successful Maths students, Avril Watson, explains that Presentation Secondary School Warrenmount had been one of the first schools in the country to receive a 100 Mbps connection under the Government’s schools broadband scheme in 2009 but, until 2011, due to a lack of internal capacity and know-how, little had been done to maximise it. However, that all changed in 2011.

“Our teachers starting using more technology in the classroom; we got a laptop trolley, so communal laptops could be brought around and used by students in different rooms; and we started using blogs, apps and other digital tools in our day-to-day work. Our lessons became more interactive; teachers began using external resources such as video, music and pictures. The curriculum at our school began to diversify.”

Teachers might like to see Maria’s webinar posted here to our blog on April 15th on the practical steps to setting up and enhancing students’ learning through live-link classrooms.  Maria’s advice and tips on suggested tools she found useful will help any teacher, not just a Maths teacher, wishing to create a live-link classroom.

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