A New Year Begins

Happy new (academic) year!

The 2014/2015 school year is up and running and the summer holidays feel like a million years ago. I’m in a new setting this year, working as part of my school’s SEN team for the first time. It has been an eye-opener so far and the work is due to ramp up over the next few weeks so it should prove interesting. I’ll also be heading into my second year in DCU so all in all I’ll be kept busy!

As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, as well as introducing iPads to the school we also rolled out Google Apps for our teachers. We focussed on using email for communication initially. This past summer I spent some time playing around with Google Drive. I’ve set up a folder within my Drive that is now shared with all teachers. At our last staff meeting I showed teachers how to access it and upload their own plans and resources. My hope is that over the years to come we’ll build up a substantial bank of material, all freely available to staff members via any device they use. And best of all, it’s free!

I’ll be taking a sixth class maths group this year and I hope to use our school’s ICT resources quite a bit with them. I’m planning some Scratch sessions, and I’ve identified a few apps I’ll use on the iPads with them… more on that in a future post! I also plan to use a few good literacy and numeracy apps with most of the students I’ll be working with.


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