A Brief Update on Our iPad Situation

Image by Sean MacEntee on Flickr

Image by Sean MacEntee on Flickr

As the title suggest this is a brief update on our work in St Corban’s. Brief because there isn’t a whole lot for me to share! We haven’t yet ordered our iPads. At the moment I’m checking out a few vendors and trying to decide on what models to go for and what charging and syncing station we will need. Has anyone got any advice for me here?

I’m also trying to keep in mind that using iPads in a classroom is far from an end in itself. One only has to look at the experience of schools in Los Angeles to realise that any sort of technology rollout has to be carefully planned. The number one priority in my eyes has to be teacher professional development. There is no point in bringing in a new piece of technology to a school if the teachers haven’t been consulted and trained prior to the shiny new devices landing on their students’ desks.

As such, as well as ordering iPads soon (hopefully!) I’ll also be working with my work colleagues to make sure we’re all on board with how and why we’re going to use them. Luckily I’ve trained with PDST Technology in Education to deliver their Using Tablets and Online Tools for Literacy and Numeracy course so I can draw from this when working with my colleagues.

On a side note I hope to also introduce Google Apps to school this year. This would be for staff initially to allow us to communicate more efficiently as well as use online storage to share plans.

So, a brief update but hopefully I’ll have more to share as the year goes on.


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